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Aurita Typhoon – Speed up your Daily Commute with our Powerful E-bike built for City Streets

Typhoon – The Electric Bicycle you didn’t know you needed

The face of urban commuting is changing. Gone are the days when “getting a nice car” would be on anyone’s bucket list. Millennials these days want to keep costs down and are looking for vehicles that give them a clean, fast way of navigating urban centers. To contribute to the already expanding innovation, e-cycles/e-bikes were introduced. You may have already seen one of these zipping through your streets. People are fed-up of relying on a gas-powered automobile. They’re looking for alternative means of transportation that are convenient, fast, environmentally-friendly and economical.

Aurita is happy to bring to you Typhoon, a utility electric cycle for everyday commuting.

At first sight, Typhoon might look different. Take a closer look at it and you will realise how it’s so special. It has a motor with a throttle body which kicks in when you give it a boost. It also has ultra-powerful batteries. In simpler words, it’s just a cycle with an electric motor. When you ride Typhoon, you save a lot of energy for yourself as well as the planet.

Typhoon – Just like Riding a Cycle, it’s only Better!

Typhoon is an electric bicycle specially built for urban commute. Imagine sitting through bumper-to-bumper traffic in your car. It’s downright frustrating, right? Especially when you have to get from point A to point B urgently. One of the significant advantages of using an e-bike for daily commute is the time-saving factor. You can literally blow past a line of cars that are sitting idly in traffic. Think of typhoon as the ideal replacement for your standard moped. To reduce the carbon footprint, getting an e-bike should be your priority.

Since Typhoon is a passenger bike, it is perfect for short-distance trips. Whether it’s running a quick errand or taking a leisure ride in the vicinity, Typhoon has you sorted.

Specifications & What makes it Unique?

  • The Aurita Typhoon is designed to provide maximum performance. It features a powerful 250w BLDC rear hub motor with a torque of 50 Nm.
  • The cycle comes with a 375Wh portable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 30km on throttle mode and 45km when using pedal assist.
  • 130kg capacity – designed to carry two adults.
  • Unisex frame that can accommodate riders with a height of 4’11 to 6’2.
  • BMX type handlebar and adjustable wide seat offering the rider a comfortable position.
  • Long-range, extremely responsive brakes with a sensitive twist throttle.
  • Futuristic 3 Level Pedal Assist technology
  • Super wide, comfortable saddle and rear foot-pegs that also give the electric bicycle added stability
  • LED display that shows battery level indication and pedal assist level
  • IP 65 Water Resistant and Dustproof Body
  • Other features – Electronic cut-off braking, front and rear responsive disc brakes and full mudguards

Why you Should Ride Typhoon?

  • Assisted biking: Contrary to regular bikes, Typhoon has a battery-powered pedal assist. This is integrated within the bike to give pedalling a boost. This helps you commute further with less effort and makes riding a more enjoyable experience. When you need to reach a particular location, you don’t want to show up exhausted. All you have to do is engage the throttle or pedal assist, and the powerful motor will do the job.
  • Cost efficient: Typhoon is ideal for short to medium length journeys. It is far more efficient and cost-effective than using a car. You get to save on maintenance as well as extra fuel costs.
  • Easy to recharge: Typhoon offers practicality and ease of charging. It comes with a portable li-ion battery and a 3A charger that is super-handy and fits in a backpack. Charging the battery of your e-bike is simple and convenient.
  • Easy to ride: Owing to its lightweight frame, Typhoon is the most preferred electric bicycle. This also makes it very easy to ride. Whether you take it through congested streets or narrow by-lanes, they manoeuvre very easily.
  • Added convenience: Using an electric bike is incredibly convenient. You can seamlessly use Typhoon to ride to work or drop your child at school without worrying about finding a parking spot or the traffic. The extra foam wide seat makes it comfortable too. Another highlight about Typhoon is that it is built for a variety of rugged terrains.

Tales of Riding – What our Customers Think?

“Earlier I would get pretty lazy to run an errand round the block. Ever since I’ve got my hands on Typhoon from Aurita, I find it easier to get things done. Whether it’s buying daily groceries or dropping off the clothes at the laundry, I save a lot of time as I navigate city traffic with my Typhoon e-bike. Getting an e-bike is one of the best decisions I’ve made” – Mohan

Expand your Horizons with Typhoon

Riding Typhoon is exciting, convenient and safe. We believe in making riding an easier thing for everyone. For all your daily short-distance trips, Typhoon has you covered. Also, with an array of options and add-ons available, finding an e-bike that fits your needs won’t be a very difficult task for you.

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