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Aurita Trooper – Reinvent your Delivery Service

Trooper – Enabling Sustainable Last Mile Delivery

Owing to the paradigm shift in retail business over the last decade, brick and mortar stores have gone online. Transporting the goods from the distribution hub to the final delivery destination to the doorstep of the customer forms a critical part of the retail supply chain business. As a seller, to fulfil delivery promises, getting last-mile delivery right is integral. To tackle this, cargo e-bikes are swiftly gaining momentum. Over traditional delivery vehicles, they offer several benefits. From reducing carbon emissions to increasing efficiency, e-bicycles have become the most preferred choice of last-mile delivery operators.

To save you time and money, Aurita is happy to introduce to you Trooper, a multi-utility cargo hauling e-bike.


About Trooper

To make deliveries in a crowded cityscape, Trooper is your best bet. Since it takes up less space on the road and produces no emissions, it has the potential to reduce congestion and improve the air quality in cities. Another major reason why delivery operators are choosing Trooper is because it offers improved access to areas that are difficult to reach with larger vehicles.

Since it is equipped with a powerful 250w BLDC rear hub motor, there is ample torque for even the heaviest loads. Keeping in mind that the number of packages is expected to increase by almost 5% every year, Trooper is definitely something businesses should consider.

How does Trooper become the Best Last Mile Delivery Bike?

According to studies, e-bikes used in providing last-mile solutions are capable of making deliveries up to 60% faster compared to traditional vehicles.

As a last-mile logistics provider, Trooper can significantly bring down your cost per shipment. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Highly sustainable: To make your organisation more sustainable, electric cargo bikes are a great option. Compared to traditional vehicles, the environmental impact of Trooper is significantly lower. Ensuring emission-free performance, it reduces pollution and traffic congestion too.
  • Lower cost: Trooper is much cheaper to use compared to a van or a car. It offers a maximum load capacity of 130kgs. While it increases efficiency, it also reduces various miscellaneous charges including parking fees, congestion charges, and petrol or diesel charges.
  • Easy to ride: The life of a delivery executive isn’t easy especially when he/she has to make several deliveries each day. A major advantage of using Trooper is that it makes riding enjoyable and stress-free. It also improves convenience and safety as it eliminates the need for delivery partners to carry heavy backpacks on their shoulder while riding.

Since it is equipped with pedal assist technology, you can give it a boost as you ride. You can go up to 50km on throttle mode and 75km using pedal assist. This helps you make multiple deliveries per day without worrying about running out of power.

  • Multi-utility rear carriage: Trooper has a multi-utility rear carriage that can handle a wide-range of cargo. No matter what you’re delivering, be it a hot meal, an ecommerce package or a bunch of groceries, our cargo hauling capabilities can handle it all. It also comes with full mudguards to keep you clean and dry in wet conditions.
  • Added safety: To ensure the bike stays safe and secure while you make deliveries, it comes with a front wheel U-lock.

Specifications & What makes it Unique?

  • Aurita Trooper is the perfect solution for all your everyday business needs. It is equipped with a powerful 250w BLDC rear hub motor.
  • Maximum payload 130kg – rider and cargo
  • Suitable for riders of all heights, from 4’11” to 6’2”
  • Extra-foam wide seat and upright BMX handlebars to enable a stress-free riding experience
  • Portable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 625Wh
  • 3-level pedal assist system
  • Full twist throttle providing responsive and precise acceleration
  • Range of up to 50km on throttle mode and 75km using pedal assist
  • Multi-utility rear carriage with full mudguards
  • Other features – electronic cut off brakes, LED display with battery level indication, front and rear disc brakes, pedal assist levels, turn indicators and horn.
  • U-lock front wheel lock to ensure bike safety

Last-mile Delivery Success Stories

“Trooper is a highly-efficient load-bearing e-bike. As a business, we have been using Aurita bikes for a couple of years, safe to say our customers have been receiving their parcels on time. Our riders too are finding it a hassle-free solution compared to diesel-powered vehicles. I would recommend Trooper to all the last-mile delivery operators” – Anand, a small business owner.

Trooper – The Ultimate Solution to the Last Mile Delivery Challenge

No matter what your cargo is, Trooper is right here to carry it. You get to boost your last-mile delivery while saving costs, reducing emissions and improving efficiency. It’s definitely a game-changer in the last-mile delivery space.

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