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Aurita Tornado – The Perfect E-Bike Well-Suited for Riding on any Terrain

Tornado – Making your Daily Commute or Adventure Greener

Beyond city streets, e-bikes are witnessing a new horizon. Today’s consumers are constantly on the lookout for electric bicycles that are designed for the long haul. In fact, in Europe, Thailand and Vietnam, e-bikes also create new opportunities in every industry. Back in the day, going on long-distance tours was something travellers would dread. However, e-bikes have opened a whole new perspective altogether. To considerably simplify long-distance travel and to meet the growing demands of the discerning traveller, Aurita is glad to present to you Tornado, a long-range e-cycle built for adventures.

Tornado is a great all-rounder. Whether you choose to use it for commuting during the week, for a leisurely ride in the outskirts or to take a ride through the forest trails on the weekend, Tornado is typically built to handle it all. We mean it! From smooth roads and rugged terrains to bike paths and trails, Tornado is an electric bike that makes riding easy. You can go farther and further without worrying about finding yourself exhausted halfway. The motor is literally your friend.

About Tornado

To ride long distances, Tornado is ideal. It’s an electric bicycle that’s not just perfect for commuting but even for fitness. Compared to a regular bicycle, Tornado has wider tires and a sportier geometry that is specifically designed for long-distance comfort. When you’re setting out on an adventure, you would obviously want to have your essentials in hand. You can pack all that you need by making use of the front storage bag, the universal cage rack and the left and right panniers.

With Tornado, you don’t have to worry about not having enough endurance to complete a ride. Once the electric pedal assist kicks in, you get an added boost that will help you navigate rough terrains. It definitely makes riding fun, easy and efficient. If you want to do more than just move, Tornado has you covered.

Specifications & What makes it Unique?

  • The Aurita Tornado is built to stand the test of time. It features an ultra-powerful 250w BLDC rear hub motor with a torque of 50 Nm. 
  • Ride farther without running out of power. Tornado is equipped with a portable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 625Wh, providing a range of up to 75km using pedal assist and 50km on throttle mode alone.
  • 5-level pedal assist technology - 25 km/h speed assist is there for you at all times. 
  • Unisex frame that can accommodate riders with a height of 4’11 to 6’2. 
  • Full twist throttle for added convenience
  • IP 65 water-resistant and dust-proof body
  • Ergonomic step-through frame with extended rear rack and extra-foam 165mm wide seat to make touring for long hours comfortable.
  • Upright BMX type handle bars and thoughtfully-configured geometry to make long-distance rides enjoyable.
  • 130kg capacity – designed to carry two adults
  • Pedal assist sensors to constantly read your pedalling speed and force.
  • Backlit LCD display - battery level indication, pedal assist level, RPM, current speed, outside temperature, ODO with multi-dynamic details for easy tracking of your ride.
  • Flat rack, medium cage rack, and pannier bag set (left and right) to carry all your essentials on-the-go.
  • Other features - responsive disk brakes with electronic cut-off,  full mudguards, front headlight, rear brake light, left and right turn indicators, and even a horn.

Why you Should Ride Tornado?

  • Improved fitness: Riding Tornado can improve your overall well-being and fitness levels. Though pedalling is assisted, you will still need a considerable amount of energy to move yourself along. Using Tornado regularly will boost your cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscles.
  • Faster riding: Regardless of your fitness level, Tornado will help you ride faster. When you have to go uphill, a traditional bicycle can make the journey very tiring. However, with Tornado, you can easily manage the hills and long distances by giving the pedal assist a boost. You will feel less tired and will be able to cover a longer distance in a shorter span.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: With Tornado, your impact on the environment reduces. Global warming and climate change are major issues today. By riding an e-bike, you leave a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.
  • Sturdy design: Tornado’s sleek and sturdy design makes it a pleasure to ride. The build includes 12G stainless steel spokes, double wall alloy rims, and a carbon steel frame, with a chain wheel of 52T and rear seven-speed Shimano gears.
  • Built-in pannier bag set: When you’re on an off-roading tour, you don’t need to carry any additional bike-packing bags as Tornado comes equipped with a built-in pannier set. You can carry all your essentials in them. The pannier is weather-proof and suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.

Tales of Riding New Adventures – What our Customers Think?

“Buying Tornado from Aurita is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m an adventure junkie and every weekend I set out to explore new pastures with my friends. Earlier, I would take my regular bicycle which would make me tired easily. I even developed an occasional knee pain. Ever since I got my first e-bike, riding has definitely become a lot more enjoyable. Whether it’s going uphill or downhill, the bike has performed well. I even beat my super-fit husband” – Anjali

With Tornado, every day is a New Adventure

If you’re looking for an electric bicycle that is a one-size-fits-all deal, Tornado is going to be your best companion. On the days when you’re a workaholic, it will take you to work and bring you back. When you’ve got your adventure hat on, it will help you meet all your outdoor exploration goals. Tornado’s versatility is what makes it extremely special.

Breeze through the city traffic or conquer any hill with our e-bike that gets you here, there, anywhere and everywhere. To learn more, visit