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Aurita Tempest – Your Daily Commute made Easy & Hassle-free

Tempest – An E-bike that will take your Daily Journeys to the Next Level

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic? Do the other vehicles around you just don’t seem to move? Well, these are a few tell-tale signs that you need to become an electric bike commuter. To arrive at work sweat-free while activating those endorphins, Aurita Tempest is a commuter electric bike specially designed for a modern lifestyle.

Keeping in mind that public transport is getting more and more crowded, Tempest is a viable option for urban commuters. Also, its application is growing in popularity owing to its efficiency, speed and convenience. When you ditch your car, you contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint.

About Tempest

Tempest is an electric bicycle built for everyday commute on fast-paced urban streets and in crowded semi-urban localities. It is a high-utility commuter that places practicality above everything else. Unlike a traditional bicycle, Tempest is a bicycle fitted with a motor which gives you an extra push as you pedal. The lightweight frame, wide tires and seamless design allows easy manoeuvring through crowded streets and tight spaces. As you whizz through traffic, even onlookers will wonder how you’re going so fast. Besides the sleekness, speed and ruggedness, we have to mention that Tempest is 100% safe. The biggest standout feature of Tempest is that it is integrated with the futuristic 3 level pedal assist technology.

Specifications & What makes it Unique?

  • Integrated with a powerful 250w rear hub motor with the best-in-class torque of 50 Nm to give you an exhilarating start every single time
  • 3 level pedal assist technology - provides a range of up to 30km on throttle mode and 45km when using pedal assist
  • Full twist throttle for maximum speed of 25km/hr
  • Responsive disk brakes with electronic cut-off
  • Portable long-range li-ion battery. Comes with a 3A charger for added practicality and ease of charging.
  • LED display indicating battery level and pedal assist level
  • IP 65 water-resistant and dust-poof body
  • Ergonomic step-through frame with extended rear rack
  • Extra foam wide seat for enhanced comfort and upright ergonomic BMX type handlebars
  • 130kg capacity – designed to carry two adults of varying heights
  • Adjustable seat post with QR, multi-utility rear carriage and full mudguards

Why you Should Ride Tempest?

  • Lightweight frame: One of the biggest advantages of Tempest is that it has a lightweight frame. The carbon steel frame and double wall alloy rims make the bicycle sturdy. The e-bike is designed to handle the toughest of commutes – be it tight corners or narrow city streets.
  • Speed meets style: On regular bikes, women usually find it difficult to sit when they’re wearing traditional Indian clothing. Tempest is designed to accommodate any style statement you’d like to make.
  • Pedal assist and full twist throttle: Tempest makes it easy to maintain a steady motor speed as it comes with a twist throttle. It also features three pedal assist levels to give you a power boost each time you pedal.
  • Comfort meets capability: Since Tempest is a daily commuter, comfort is key. Therefore, it comes with a comfortable extra-foam wide seat and handlebars that offer maximum grip.
  • All-weather trailblazer: The best part about Tempest is that you can ride it in all weather conditions. The components are fully weather-proof and are designed to last.

Tales of Commuting – What our Customers Think?

“It’s been a few months since I purchased my first e-bike. I’m so glad it was Tempest from Aurita. Ever since I was a kid, riding a bicycle is something I really enjoyed. As an adult, my love for bicycles went an extra mile with pedal assisted biking. Monotonous chores and errands have become adventurous. If you want to lead a happy, healthy and fit life, you need to get your hands on Tempest” – Keshav.

Tempest – Engineered to Maximise Riding Enjoyment

Tempest is one such e-bike that elevates the art of getting around. It is perfect for teenagers, adults and homemakers alike. It is also extensively used by hyperlocal service providers. Aurita’s masterful engineering makes it an all-weather trailblazer. From point A to point B, Tempest is your best way to get there.

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